Check in/out

When the phone is in location, the location icon on the top right is turned to green color. The button for check in/out will be active, then you can check in/out by scan QR Code or with bluetooth Beacon.

Employee who doesn't have smart phone can use RFID key tag to check in/out at the gate station. bad_accuracy2

Check in/out when phone has bad accuracy

When employee is at the location but the location on the phone is still not in the location and the buttons is not active to click for check in/out.

There are 2 reasons;
   - Some phone models do not provide the good accuracy
   - The location is in the big building such as the department store and the radias set for the location is too short

When employee is at the location but the phone provides not good accuracy(the location icon is not green), employee can check in/out by click at the company logo.
Then the employee will take the selfie to prove he/she is in the location and click the button for check in or out.