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Timesheet allows you to get precise information about time spent by your employees on specific customer, project and task. You assign your employee to specific project and task. Your employees will fill timesheet from mobile within 1 minute. The mobile interface has been designed to be easy and quick to use.

quick fill


You now have real information on time spent, you can associate cost per employee and get a cost price daily, weekly or monthly for each employee, customer, project, task type.

Your project manager can revise timesheet and approve them or reject them. Once approved an employee can't update it anymore.

It will save you a lot of time and give you important information on the time consumed for each task.

Timesheet is free to use for SME, standard and enterprise version.

It's free to use for anyone during trial period.



What is the kanban view?

Kanban is a card-based view of your projects and tasks. With a selected pipeline at the top, the kanban view displays tasks records in movable cards below each stage of the pipeline.

On portal you can see the progress of project in kanban view, you can define the stage of each tasks in the project by move the task to the next stage. You will have the overview of each projects.