Starter kits and Accessories.

Starter kits


Bluetooth beacons

  • 2 bluetooth beacons.

Frontware iOT Beacon


  • The powerful beacon, the range of signal can be up to 15 meters around. Setting can be done through Wifi. Power it with micro USB, no battery to be changed (not include micro USB cable/power).
    Discount 500 THB on next subscription fee. Valid until 31/12/2021

Frontware IoT Gate Station


  • Station (NFC 13.56Mhz) and 20 NFC tags (not include micro USB cable/power).

Raspberry PI, RFID Reader, RFID TAG, Adapter

RFID and Bluetooth, use with or without TV

  • Station (ARM 1.2Ghz 4xcore, 1GB RAM), 8GB storage, Micro USB Adaptor,
    2 RFID readers, 20 RFID tags.
  • It requires speaker or TV set with HDMI and USB ports and internet connection.


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