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Create job classified from Weladee portal, and publish automatically to Weladee Job Portal

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Your ad will be published online and specially designed and optimized for mobile devices. It will rapidly be indexed on Google because of AMP cache.
A tweet is automatically posted with link to your ad.

It’s HIGHLY recommended you share the URL on Facebook, Twitter, Line and you can even add a widget on your own website.


Automatic tweet

Candidates can apply with just a few clicks. They don’t need to register.
You will receive an email when a candidate applies and a summary email with list of all candidates can be received daily or weekly.

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Keys for great classified:


  • Be clear in your description of the job
  • Use words a candidate would type to find the position
  • Don’t fill a complete address in location, it has to be short like "Bangkok"
  • Avoid sentence like "according to experience" in field salary. The candidate wants to know how much you are ready to pay.
  • For Skill and responsibility: write a list, keep it short and clear
  • In field "About the company" write about company business, history, customers, ...

Once again, Weladee helps you in daily HR tasks.