Frequently asked questions about WELADEE, the basic questions you might ask about WELADEE, we prepare the answers for these questions.

Is it really free?

What kind of hardware do I need to install?
What if some of my employees don't want to use a mobile application?
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Q : Do we need a starter kit?

A : No you don't need a starter kit. You can use Weladee with QRcode to check in. But we recommend to use a starter kit to get better accuracy and to avoid cheating attempts.

Q : What's the cost of started kit?

A : The 2 iBeacons are sold for 1,000 THB + VAT (shipping included) A gate station starter kit is sold for 4,999 THB + VAT (include shipping, HDMI cable,2 RFID readers, 20 RFID tags, ..).

Q : Is there an Odoo module for Weladee?

A : Yes of course. The Odoo (Show more) module is available as an open source code on github (Show more) .

Q : What is the gate station?

A : Weladee Gate Station is powered by Raspberry Pi 3 (Show more) . The gate station is a Raspberry Pi 3 running a golang ARM compiled application.The gate station is connected to an USB RFID reader. Wifi, bluetooth, Network cards ...

Q : Is it really free?

A : Yes if you have no more than 5 active employees there is no monthly fees. You can use our services for free. If you have more than 5 employees you get free 3 months trial period. At the end of the period you will be charged monthly if you want to use Weladee (Show more) .

Q : Do we need a TV SET to use RFID tag?

A : No, it's not mandatory. A gate station (Show more) can be used with TV SET or without TV SET (connected to speaker).

Q : Can an employee use a mobile phone and RFID tag?

A : Yes of course, we encourage you to provide all your employees a RFID tag and let them install application if they want. They can check in with TAG or mobile phone.

Q : What if some of my employees don't want to use a mobile application?

A : No worry. You will provide them RFID tag, this is a small inexpensive plastic key chain. They will approach it to the gate station when check in and out.

Q : What kind of hardware do I need to install?

A : You need a starter kit. If you want to use mobile application only, you will just need 2 iBeacons. These are small plastic devices including a battery. They can be hidden. Mobile application will let employees check in/out only when they are close (within 2 meters) to these 2 devices. In most ...