Company Announcement (electronic bulletin board)

When company wants to announce the news, company's instruction or any messages to employees

Weladee Announcement is the best way for HR to communicate with employees.You will reach all your employees with important information like:
Company Announcement
On Portal : Create announcement on portal
1. Set the title of announcement
2. Set the period to be announced
3. Put the message to be announced
4. Set the priority of announcement
5. Select team if want to announe to specific team
6. Save
Company Announcement
Company Announcement
Company Announcement
Company Announcement
The announcement will be sent by email to employees. They will also receive a Telegram message and mobile notification. When they launch Weladee mobile they will see a red alert about announcement.
With Weladee announcement, you are sure the communication from HR is sent through several channels to employees. No more excuse for not being informed.