Cheating And Security


     Weladee encrypts all data from mobile device to server, from gate station to server and from Web page to server.

     All data in the cloud is backup daily on several locations, your data is safe.


     To protect our HR data, Weladee provides a 2FA security access. Each time you SignIn on Weladee you will be requested to input a token that is generated by Google Authenticator application on your smartphone or iPhone.

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Cheating attempt

     Several checks are done to avoid cheating.

     HR Department will be informed for the following:


  • When an employee changes the time on his/her mobile phone.
  • When an employee changes mobile phone or use mobile phone of another employee.
  • When an employee tries to fake the location.
  • When an employee scans a fake QR code.

Gate Station

  • A photo of employee checks in/out can be taken automatically, so you can know who really checked.
  • An employee won't be able to check on a closed gate that is not assigned to him/her.
  • HR Department will be informed if there is a suspicious check in/out.


     To keep our cheating attempt detection efficient we cannot list all checks we do, but you can be sure that many cases will be detected and HR department will be informed.